Yes we know we want the conference we used to attend

but we promise this year will be as good as previous ones


Packed sessions

A three-day virtual conference will be packed with quality sessions. Every session will be recorded and you won’t miss anything.

Discussion tables

Up to 8 attendees can discuss at the virtual table in the lounge room throughout the conference. Virtual tables have screen sharing and video conference features like ZOOM and Google Meet.

Virtual exhibitors

Attendees from all over the world can visit virtual booths anytime. Take time to visit them, chat, get product demos and know more from broadcasts from exhibitors.


Every interaction features will be provided during every session. You can raise your hand for a question or share your opinion. You’ll be able to chat with other attendees from around the world using direct message.

Speed networking

You can be matched randomly with peers and talk one on one video networking sessions in the lounge area. It could be the start of the collaboration.

How to attend

  1. RegistrationYou are required to pay your fee after registration.
  2. ConfirmationAfter paying the fee, a confirmation email will be sent to your registered email.
  3. Access to the event platformA week before the conference we will send access links to our attendees and provide guidances.


If your company is interested in being our official event sponsor or showcase your service in the exhibition, please reach out to us and join in our great sponsors. We can’t wait to hear back!