About International Conference Mine Closure

The annual ICMC is the platform event for the global mining industry. It provides opportunities to network and explore the latest mine closure methodologies and technique breakthroughs.
This meeting provides a forum for attendees from a variety of disciplines to exchange ideas about their work and to learn about new developments in the field of mine closure.
Previous conferences have been held in:
  • 2019 Perth, Australia
  • 2018 Leipzig, Germany
  • 2016 Perth, Australia
  • 2015 Vancouver, Canada
  • 2014 Johannesburg, South Africa
  • 2013 Cornwell, England
  • 2012 Brisbane, Australia
  • 2011 Alberta, Canada
  • 2010 Vina de Mar, Chile
  • 2009 Perth, Australia
  • 2008 Johannesburg, South Africa
  • 2007 Santiago, Chile
  • 2006 Perth, Australia

About Mine Closure in Mongolia

The Mine Closure 2021 will provide you an excellent opportunity to discover mineral rich Mongolia and expand your experience with the latest mine closure planning, technology and processes delivered by industry experts from around the world.

MineClosure 2021 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia




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Who should attend

This conference should be of value to all professionals across the entire mining industry, including:
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 Paper list
  • Explorationgeology, geotechnology, hydrogeology, geochemistry
  • Mineralogy/Metallurgy
  • EngineeringMining, planning, project, mechanics, environment
  • Consultingsustainability, environment, remediation and rehabilitation, social license
  • Government
  • ManagementLeadership, Community relation

What to expect


Globally recognized industry thought leaders will deliver their insights into mine closure, summarize advancements, and discuss the future trends.


Presenters will present research on one topic from multiple perspectives, providing a coherent set of papers for discussion.


Virtual field trip to Oyu Tolgoi, Erdenet or Nalaikh mines. The field trip will reflect the theme of the ICMC 2021, enhancing the sessions and will be both educational and entertaining.


The exhibition will be held virtually and physically. It will provide unique business opportunities for designers of mine closure and reclamation projects, consulting companies and all related service providers. Interactive features (broadcasting, chatting, discussion tables and many more) of the virtual booth will make a powerful connection between attendees and exhibitors.


Industry experts will lead short, practice-based workshops on topics of relevance to the practitioners. The workshops will provide an opportunity to familiarize with some aspect of research and will be based on question-oriented organization with lively discussions.

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